Boost Your Trade Show Performance with Sales Intelligence

Ahmed Badruddin

Ahmed Badruddin

I understand the significance of the decisions our customers make in pursuit of business growth and development. One of the most challenging dilemmas faced by sales leaders today is how to effectively allocate resources to expand our reach and connect with new potential customers. Within the public infrastructure markets, encompassing water, sewer, transportation, and broadband, tradeshows play a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. They offer a unique opportunity to establish our industry brand, forge connections with key players, and nurture new business relationships.

However, the conundrum that often emerges is this: Should we invest more in expanding our sales team, or should we allocate additional funds to trade shows? Should we explore the potential of a sales intelligence platform like Citylitics to identify and generate more business opportunities? These choices are not mutually exclusive but rather about finding the optimal budgetary breakdown that produces the best results and comprehending how to synergize these investments effectively.


Citylitics is a versatile sales intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing sales strategies, enhancing your success at industry tradeshows and enabling you to tap into undiscovered sales potential. Here’s how you can maximize your sales success by seamlessly combining the value derived from Citylitics with the benefits of tradeshows:

  1. Map Out Upcoming Conferences in the Next 6 Months: Start by plotting the upcoming conferences and tradeshows you plan to attend over the next six months. Most customers decide their tradeshow schedule well in advance to efficiently plan their participation and resource allocation.
  2. Enhance Your Tradeshow Schedule with Citylitics Intelligence: Citylitics offers unique functionality to help you pinpoint potential customers and future infrastructure project opportunities in the regions where these conferences are scheduled.
    Citylitics - Insights By Region
  3. Populate Your Action List: Add the prospects identified to your Citylitics Action List at least one month before the tradeshow. This early preparation is crucial for effectively engaging with potential clients and maximizing your tradeshow success.
    Citylitics - Add to Action List
  4. Proactive Outreach and Meetings: Utilize the contact information provided by Citylitics to reach out to these prospects. Initiate conversations and use this opportunity to schedule meetings at the tradeshow or nearby site visits. Your personalized approach and thorough preparation will set you apart.
    Citylitics - Share Opportunity

Remember, even one additional prospect meeting that you wouldn’t have had otherwise can make all the effort and preparation worthwhile. Every connection, every interaction contributes to sales growth and success.

The choice between expanding your sales team, investing in tradeshows, or adopting sales intelligence tools like Citylitics doesn’t have to be an either-or decision. It’s about finding the right balance and synergy among these investments. By following these steps, you can ensure that you make the most of both the Citylitics sales intelligence platform and your tradeshow schedule to propel your business forward. If you want to learn more about these best practices, please reach out to your Citylitics Customer Success Manager.

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