Sales Intelligence on Future Infrastructure Project RFPs

Take advantage of the current infrastructure investment boom. We deliver essential sales intelligence by transforming millions of public documents generated by 30,000+ cities, utilities, and public agencies into predictive sales insights spanning the future infrastructure landscapes of the US and Canada.

  • Catalyze Early Stage Sales Activity
  • Grow Sales Pipeline
  • Pre-position for future RFPs
  • Deepen Customer Relationships
  • Enhance Sales Efficiency
  • Maximize Win Rates

Secure a Sales Advantage 1 – 5 Years Before RFPs are Drafted

Infrastructure Project Timeline Citylitics Focus vs Bid and Project Trackers

Customers include the largest and fastest-growing businesses in Infrastructure

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Let Citylitics' Solutions Fast Track Your Market Advantage

With industry-leading market data, insights, and dashboards, we empower you to unearth and target ideal opportunities. Our products catalyze early-stage sales activity, strengthen sales pipelines, and nurture lasting customer relationships.

Intelligence Feeds Platform

Intelligence Feeds

Position and build pre-RFP relationships to win opportunities before the RFP is even drafted. Track sales intelligence on cities, utilities, and public agencies at the earliest stages of an opportunity.

Optional Dashboard Add-Ons to the Intelligence Feeds Platform

Capital Projects Dashboard

Gain critical intelligence on future infrastructure projects by tracking over 500k+ Capital Improvement Plans in 30,000+ cities, utilities, and public agencies.

Environmental Monitoring Dashboard

Boost your lead generation strategy in industrial markets. Track 58,000+ facilities and 277,000+ compliance violations in 554 pollutants to identify high potential customers for your environmental solutions.

State Revolving Funds Dashboard

Get a competitive edge by determining who secured funding for their next Public Infrastructure project. Grow your sales opportunities from SRF applications, including the funding status of 19,150 projects from 7,670 municipalities and utilities.

The Broadest, Deepest Data Capabilities in Infrastructure Markets


Municipal Broadband



Drinking Water



Underground Infrastructure




Citylitics - Power and Electricity

Power & Electricity

Markets Served

Ready to Impact Future Infrastructure Projects?

Liberate your sales team from stretched bandwidth, enabling focused engagement with customers and prospects.

Join the largest and fastest growing manufacturers, engineering, and construction firms in public infrastructure — and discover Citylitics as your driving force toward sales success.  



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Client Testimonials

“The Benefit I see from Citylitics is they uncover opportunities that myself or my sales channel don’t see.”

Rob Biase, Sales Manager at Evoqua

Citylitics has been invaluable, especially with the implementation of the American Recovery Act. The Act led to funds being distributed at the county level, and Citylitics helps us track funding programs at this level across states. We gain critical insights that empower our team to service our clients better.

Kevin Czaicki, Vice President of Broadband Solutions