We had a remarkable experience at Citylitics’ 10th WEFTEC. In the past, I’ve highlighted why WEFTEC has become an annual ritual for Citylitics. But this year was truly exceptional.

First and foremost, the energy at WEFTEC23 was palpable. It felt like a return to the pre-COVID era, but with an extra layer of enthusiasm. Engaging conversations echoed through every corner of the tradeshow, and the booths buzzed with activity. Attendees were not just present; they were eager to connect, share insights, and reconnect with familiar faces.

For Citylitics, WEFTEC provides a unique opportunity to connect with many of our customers in the municipal wastewater space. The feedback we received was invaluable, and some conversations were particularly inspiring. Numerous customers expressed genuine excitement about our company’s mission of transforming infrastructure markets through early-stage sales intelligence.

We take pride in being the only solution that empowers companies to identify opportunities 1-5 years before RFP, enabling solution providers to build strong relationships with cities and utilities long before formal proposals are drafted. The consensus among our customers was clear—they want to be proactive in their sales efforts rather than reactive. The frustration with chasing RFPs without existing relationships was palpable, and the feedback on Citylitics’ mission was uplifting.

However, I also met with customers who are not fully realizing the potential of Citylitics data for their sales efforts. Often, it boils down to determining the right types of insights they truly need, or finding effective ways to drive adoption within sales teams already swamped with RFPs. WEFTEC provided an excellent platform for us to sit down with these customers, understand their challenges, and develop mutual action plans to accelerate the business impact we can deliver.

One of the most incredible aspects of WEFTEC is the opportunity it provides for us to connect with our customers. In just 1.5 days, I had the privilege of meeting with 25 customers, bouncing from one insightful conversation to another within the conference center.

As we find ourselves in the early cycle of the current infrastructure boom, the enthusiasm and anticipation for the future of water and wastewater infrastructure are truly energizing.  I hold firm confidence that our industry will play a central role in shaping the North American infrastructure landscape in the years ahead. The impact we are poised to make transcends the moment—it is enduring.

So, here’s to the next WEFTEC. May it bring even more opportunities, connections, and for our esteemed industry.

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