APTA 2023 Reflections

A Glimpse into APTA’s TRANSform Conference & EXPO 2023: The World’s Premier Public Transportation Showcase

Jason Fitzpatrick

Jason Fitzpatrick

October, often a bustling month for conferences, just witnessed another great event. The Citylitics team was at the globally-renowned American Public Transit Association’s (APTA) TRANSform Conference & EXPO. This is the world’s largest public transportation showcase.

APTA 2023 - Jake Ristevski, Jason Fitzpatrick and Tanpreet Anand APTA  public transit
At APTA 2023 From left: Jake Ristevski, Jason Fitzpatrick and Tanpreet Anand

A Once-in-Three-Years Event

The EXPO occurs only once every three years – so people were excited to get back and experience this massive showcase of the latest technologies, products and services. With over 11,000 attendees and 650+ exhibitors from around the world, the event showcased an awe-inspiring array of advanced buses, LRTs, trains, and a plethora of state-of-the-art software, components, and services tailored for the public transit sphere.

Riding the Waves of Transformation in Public Transit

Estimated at $80 billion annually, the public transportation sector is at an inflection point. It’s navigating transformative currents like vehicle electrification, advancements in autonomous technologies, the evolution of contactless payment systems, and grappling with workforce challenges. Bolstering this is the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, earmarking a whopping $108 billion for public transit in the foreseeable future.

For our Citylitics team, the event served as an insightful lens into the multifaceted challenges experienced by transit agencies and their supporting product and service providers. These organizations, characterized by intricate requirements, lengthy sales cycles, and vast project scopes, necessitate early intel about prospective ventures – typically well before RFPs are released.

Citylitics: The Navigator in this Evolving Landscape

In the vast sea of data from Transit Agencies and Municipal Governments, Citylitics shines brightly. We help companies identify key projects and players, building strong partnerships early on. At the APTA EXPO, many clients praised our role in spotting early-stage projects and key contacts. They also valued how Citylitics sharpens their strategy, guiding resource allocation and filtering out unnecessary information.

Wrapping Up & Gearing Up for the Future

Meeting with our current and potential clients and understanding industry trends was a valuable experience for us in this evolving sector.  The Public Transportation sector is preparing for growth and changes ahead. As this year’s event concludes, we’re already looking forward to the 2026 APTA EXPO. We hope to join you there!

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