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The Most Trusted Source Of Customer Intelligence for Infrastructure Industry Leaders


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“Citylitics helped us identify an SBR opportunity in upstate New York within its early stages that we weren’t aware of. Because we were able to find out about the opportunity so early on, we were able to influence development of the specification and place ourselves in a better position to win.”

Rob Biase, Evoqua

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Number of water treatment plants in California that have membranes installed 10+ years ago

44 wastewater and drinking water facilities identified in California with membranes installed 10+ years ago.
Of these facilities:

  • 29 are microfiltration membranes
  • 9 are ultrafiltration membranes
  • 6 are some combination of microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.
  • See more available data:  Existing membrane manufacturer, consultant, facility address and research insights
Which utilities are in early stages of adopting advanced metering infrastructure in Illinois

28 utilities identified in Illinois with both water and electric metering systems in place.

  • See more available data:  current metering vendor for water, current metering vendor for electric, type of metering infrastructure, service connections, plans for upgrades, issues with existing metering infrastructure
Wastewater treatment plant in Michigan facing challenges and needing to upgrade this year

The digesters at this treatment plant are nearing the end of their useful life, and the City is using the opportunity to consider their options for processing and handling solids.

Utility in North Carolina struggling with financing for major infrastructure needs

This City is pursuing grants to help fund water and sewer infrastructure improvements totaling nearly $100,000,000 in the next 10 years, and is currently seeking $16,000,000 for work anticipated for FY 2019

  • See more available data:  Existing water and sewer infrastructure, planned upgrades, key decision makers, flow rates, plant capacities, and existing treatment equipment

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Identify project opportunities within the early stages of planning including needs assessment, noncompliance, and master planning. Ensure you’re on the pre-qualified list the moment funding is approved for design.

Engage in meaningful conversations with prospects with a full understanding of pain points and context ahead of time. Pull speaking points directly from your reporting for your next meeting or visit.

Monitor existing opportunities and reengage with prospects based on new insights. Don’t miss out on new project opportunities even in regions already covered.

Execute strategic marketing campaigns on a short list of best fit public entities and support market growth and entry initiatives.


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“Citylitics provides unique value that extends well beyond a bid search service. They’ve allowed us to identify hundreds of new communities that can benefit from our assistance in a partnership.”


Mark Halleman, Inframark