Citylitics Inc. Launches AI Platform to Deliver Predictive Insights on North American Infrastructure

After a year of strong growth in 2020, WatrHub Inc. is expanding into public infrastructure as Citylitics to bring its enhanced intelligence platform to industry leaders across infrastructure markets

Citylitics Marketing

Citylitics Marketing

TORONTO, Jan. 7, 2021 — WatrHub Inc., a North American data company with offices in Toronto, Milwaukee, and Austin, has announced an expansion into the public infrastructure industry, from its initial focus on water infrastructure. The advancement prompted a brand refresh to Citylitics Inc. to better serve public infrastructure industries.

Founded in 2012, WatrHub was created to address the demand for early-stage intelligence on water infrastructure needs across the US & Canada. Since then, WatrHub has amassed the largest and fastest growing data platform on North American infrastructure with over 1 Billion public documents from over 31,000 cities and utilities in the US & Canada, triangulated with hundreds of government data sources, and refreshed every two weeks. With the expansion to Citylitics, the data platform and intelligence products are now available for industries ranging from public transportation, roads and highways, power, gas, healthcare, waste management, and more.  

“We believe infrastructure investments will play a pivotal role in North America’s economic restart in 2021 and onwards,” said Citylitics CEO Ahmed Badruddin. “The challenge for the industry is tracking and predicting where, when, and how these infrastructure investments will be made, and that is where Citylitics steps in.

Citylitics is committed to enhancing their water infrastructure intelligence as part of the expansion, as well as offering insights into other areas of public infrastructure, a natural transition based on their unique data capabilities and domain expertise.

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