Are You Influencing RFPs or Responding to RFPs?

Citylitics Marketing
April 21, 2021

For any business development professional in the infrastructure industry, finding out about an opportunity too late is one of the most frustrating positions to be in. There is little time to respond strategically and to position for the win. This is also a by-product of a reactive business development strategy, which is built around responding to RFPs.

Business leaders in the infrastructure industry are building proactive business development strategies. This means arming their business development teams with the tools and intelligence they need to systematically focus on their best fit opportunities, at the earliest stages. Long before an RFP is defined.

At a high level, what this means is:

  • Getting ahead of the competition
  • Educating & aligning prospects
  • Strengthening relationships and market position

Companies who leverage early intelligence to support proactive business development strategies will influence the infrastructure industry, rather than being influenced by it:

responding to RFPs

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