What do Public Infrastructure and Mothers Have in Common?

Something to ponder as we celebrate Moms this Sunday

Sarah Harnish

Sarah Harnish

Mothers Day Citylitics V1What do Public Infrastructure and Mothers have in common as we celebrate Moms this Sunday?

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, a tradition started back in 1908, it’s worth reflecting on the commonalities between mothers and public infrastructure.  Yes, Motherhood and Public Infrastructure seem like unrelated topics, but there are several similarities worth noting,

Both play a big part in the well-being and development of society.  Mothers play an outsized role in raising children, shaping their values, and preparing them for the challenges of life. Similarly, public infrastructure is designed and built to serve the community’s needs, providing essential services such as transportation, healthcare, education, and more.

Both benefit from planning and investment. Mothers invest significant time, energy, and resources into their children, ensuring they have the best possible start in life. Similarly, public infrastructure requires careful planning, investment, and design to meet the needs of the community and provide the essential services people rely on.

Both function optimally with ongoing maintenance and repair. A mother constantly attends to the needs of her child, from feeding and clothing to educating and guiding. Similarly, public infrastructure requires ongoing maintenance and repair to ensure it continues to serve the community effectively.

Both have a lasting impact on society. A mother’s influence on her child can shape their future, affecting not only their own lives but also those around them. Similarly, public infrastructure has a lasting impact on the community, affecting everything from economic growth to quality of life.

At Citylitics we would like to honor our mothers, our CityZens Moms, and those in our lives that look out for us like Moms on this Mother’s Day!

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