Early Stage Lead Generation

Position Yourself To Win Opportunities, Long Before the RFP

Track intelligence on cities, utilities, and public agencies at the earliest stages of an opportunity.


Is Finding Opportunities at the RFP Stage Too Late In The Game?

Scrambling to Respond

Hearing about opportunities late in the game means scrambling to respond to RFPs, putting more pressure on your team that is already stretched thin.

Low Success Rate

The probability of winning an RFP when you haven’t been able to build relationships early, is typically less
than 5%.

Competing on Cost

Without being able to influence the specifications of an RFP, the only factor left to compete on is cost, which puts additional pressure on profit margins.

Early Stage Intelligence, Specific To Your Business Development Needs

Intelligence Reports

  • Uncover New Opportunities at Early Stages: Gain early stage intelligence into opportunities so you can build & strengthen relationships and win opportunities long before the RFP.
  • Position Sales Strategies: Prioritize business development efforts and position your solutions to align with infrastructure needs & plans of cities, utilities, and public entities.
  • Preparing for Utility Meetings: Conduct intelligent meetings with prospects by extracting the right details at the right time, having a winning account strategy ahead of the meeting.
  • Market Validation: Validate details on rumblings of an opportunity you are hearing about.
  • Strengthen Prospect Relationships: Follow-up strategically with opportunities on your radar with the right context, including recent developments and steps taken by city, utility or public entity.


Increase In Market Visibility


Increase In Opportunity Win Rate


Reduction in Prospecting Effort

Develop a complete pulse on your customers and potential customers

“Citylitics helped us identify an SBR opportunity in upstate New York within its early stages that we weren’t aware of. Because we were able to find out about the opportunity so early on, we were able to influence development of the specification and place ourselves in a better position to win.”

Rob Biase, Evoqua

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give the same data to my competitors?

Absolutely not. We work with each of our clients to develop custom search strategies to find results that are in line with your ideal client profile and the solutions you offer.

How is Citylitics different from an RFP service?

Citylitics provides much intelligence at the earliest stages of an opportunity, months to years before an RFP is even drafted. This enables our customers to strengthen relationships and position themselves to win.

How do sales teams use your data?

Citylitics’ team of experts can help you scope your data projects and develop a winning Action Plan. We have aggregated learnings from the most progressive teams in the infrastructure industry to help our customers maximize ROI on their strategic marketing spend.