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How Kevin Czaicki and Millennium are Leveraging Citylitics to Stay Ahead

Ahmed Badruddin

Ahmed Badruddin

Kevin Czaicki is the Vice President of Broadband Solutions at Millennium, a role that was created to position Millennium optimally in the industry. He works towards not only educating employees but also clients about succeeding in this sector. Millennium is primarily a distribution company, supplying materials to broadband providers. Millennium has also introduced renting and leasing options for those who may not have the capital for necessary equipment. A few years ago, Millennium added a Geospatial team to assist clients needing data-driven engineering and design services. Lastly, they established the Millennium Infrastructure Fund to lend money to providers.

As the VP of Broadband Solutions, Kevin is instrumental in positioning Millennium for success in a highly competitive industry. He works across sales, marketing, leasing, and geospatial departments, ensuring both employees and clients understand the requisites for success. Originally a distribution company, Millennium adapted to clients’ needs, introducing renting and leasing options, an in-house geospatial team, and the Millennium Infrastructure Fund, a lending service for providers. These initiatives allow clients to access much-needed resources, from equipment to money.

Kevin identified bandwidth utilization and expansion as the most significant trends in the broadband market in the past year. The pandemic has brought substantial government involvement, resulting in increased funding and bandwidth guidelines. Kevin sees the push to provide a minimum of 100 Mbps per home as a primary driver in the market.

The implementation of the American Recovery Act highlighted the value of Citylitics to Millennium. With funds being allocated at the county level, Millennium struggled to compile all the necessary data from a single source. Citylitics stepped in at the perfect time, providing crucial insights at the county level and facilitating better client understanding and service.

Kevin stated that The key difference between Citylitics and other solutions is the depth of research. Citylitics gathers a significant amount of information quickly, including details of public meetings, people involved, and their contact information. This would take a single person a considerable amount of time to gather, whereas Citylitics does this efficiently.

Looking forward, Kevin is enthusiastic about the broadband market’s prospects, especially with the planned injection of over $52 billion into the industry by the federal government. He anticipates unprecedented opportunities for providers and end-users alike, comparing the potential impact to the initial deployment of electricity. Kevin expects that universal access to broadband will lead to the emergence of new services and businesses, ultimately benefiting both financially struggling individuals and those more financially secure.

Citylitics is proud to work closely with Millennium during these exciting times. 


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