Driving Sales Pipeline Growth with Citylitics Insights

A leading engineering firm based in New Jersey, was seeking innovative ways to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities in the ever-evolving market. The Vice President of Business Development recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that could provide timely and valuable insights to fuel their sales pipeline growth.


The challenge at hand was to discover new, early-stage opportunities that would give them a competitive advantage. The company needed a tool that could not only uncover these opportunities but also provide sufficient lead time for relationship building and strategic positioning.


Citylitics, a cutting-edge data analytics platform, emerged as the solution to their challenges. With its robust capabilities in aggregating and analyzing municipal data, Citylitics promised to unveil valuable insights that would shape the company’s business development strategy.

Citylitics - Driving Sales Pipeline Growth with Citylitics Insights - Solution


The VP of Business Development dove into Citylitics reports, leveraging the platform’s data-driven approach to extract meaningful information. The focus was on identifying new, early-stage opportunities within municipal projects, allowing the company ample time to cultivate relationships and position itself as the preferred engineering partner.


The results were nothing short of remarkable. In just one Citylitics report, the VP of Business Development uncovered $1 million worth of new opportunities. The early-stage nature of these projects provided NJ Engineering Solutions with a competitive advantage, enabling them to initiate relationship-building activities and strategically position themselves for success.

Key Benefits

  1. Timely Insights: Citylitics delivered timely and actionable insights, giving the NJ based engineering firm a head start in identifying lucrative opportunities.
  2. Strategic Advantage: Armed with early-stage information, the company could proactively engage with potential clients, building relationships before competitors even entered the scene.
  3. Quantifiable ROI: The discovery of $1 million in new opportunities showcased the immediate return on investment, validating the decision to integrate Citylitics into their business development strategy.

Citylitics proved to be a game-changer, offering a data-driven approach to sales pipeline growth. The platform’s ability to uncover significant opportunities, coupled with the VP of Business Development’s proactive approach, resulted in a quantifiable impact on the company’s bottom line. As they continue to leverage Citylitics, remains at the forefront of their industry, ready to seize emerging opportunities and drive sustained growth.

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