Case Study: Streamlining Sales Efficiency with Citylitics


A multi-national construction firm, faced the challenge of inefficiently allocating time and resources to monitor city websites for potential business opportunities. The VP of Business Development recognized the need for a solution that could streamline their sales process, allowing the team to focus more on strategic business development activities.


The challenge was twofold – the time-consuming nature of manually monitoring city websites and the need for a more efficient way to identify opportunities. Multi-National Construction Firm sought a solution that could free up valuable time while enhancing their ability to spot relevant projects.


Citylitics, a powerful data analytics platform, emerged as the solution to this Multi-National Construction Firm’s challenge. The platform’s ability to aggregate and analyze municipal data promised to streamline the process of identifying and tracking potential business opportunities.

Citylitics - Case Study Streamlining Sales Efficiency with Citylitics automation data-driven agility


The VP of Business Development integrated Citylitics into the company’s workflow, replacing the manual process of monitoring city websites. The platform’s automation and data-driven approach allowed Multi-National Construction Firm to gain real-time insights into relevant projects without the need for time-consuming manual searches.


The impact on sales efficiency was significant. By leveraging Citylitics, Multi-National Construction Firm not only saved countless hours previously spent on manual monitoring but also gained the agility to identify and respond to opportunities promptly. The time reclaimed was redirected towards strategic business development activities.

Key Benefits

  1. Time Savings: Citylitics eliminated the need for manual monitoring, saving Multi-National Construction Firm countless hours and allowing the team to focus on more valuable business development tasks.
  2. Real-Time Insights: The platform provided real-time insights into municipal projects, enabling the VP of Business Development to stay ahead of the competition and respond swiftly to emerging opportunities.
  3. Improved Focus on Business Development: With the time saved, Multi-National Construction Firm could allocate resources more efficiently, enhancing their focus on strategic business development activities.

Citylitics proved instrumental in streamlining Multi-National Construction Firm’s sales efficiency. By replacing the labor-intensive process of manual monitoring with an automated, data-driven approach, the company gained not only time savings but also a competitive edge in identifying and responding to opportunities. This case illustrates the tangible impact of Citylitics on increasing sales efficiency for construction firms operating in diverse municipal environments. As Multi-National Construction Firm continues to leverage Citylitics, they are poised to further optimize their sales processes and drive sustained business growth.

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