Case Study: Elevating Sales Win Rate through Citylitics Intelligence


A dynamic business consulting firm, faced the challenge of increasing their sales win rate, particularly in the municipal sector. The Business Development Manager recognized the importance of obtaining targeted intelligence to approach potential clients strategically.


The challenge was to secure contracts with municipalities facing specific challenges. While this Business Consulting firm was aware of potential opportunities, the lack of detailed intelligence hindered their ability to approach these municipalities with tailored solutions.


Citylitics, a leading data analytics platform, emerged as the solution to the Business Consulting firm’s challenge. The platform’s capabilities in aggregating and analyzing municipal data were leveraged to gain the targeted intelligence needed to approach municipalities with precision.

Citylitics - Case Study Elevating Sales Win Rate through Citylitics Intelligence - Consultants


The Business Development Manager used Citylitics to obtain detailed insights into municipalities facing specific challenges. The platform’s intelligence guided them in tailoring their approach, ensuring that their proposals directly addressed the identified issues.


The impact was transformative. Armed with Citylitics intelligence, they were successfully secured work with a municipality. The targeted approach, based on the platform’s insights, allowed the firm to not only understand the challenges faced by the municipality but also present solutions that resonated with their needs.

Key Benefits

  1. Precision in Approach: Citylitics provided targeted intelligence, allowing them to approach municipalities with a precise understanding of their challenges.
  2. Increased Sales Win Rate: The strategic use of Citylitics intelligence resulted in the successful acquisition of work with a municipality, showcasing a notable increase in the sales win rate.
  3. Tailored Solutions: The detailed insights from Citylitics enabled them to tailor their proposals, presenting solutions that directly addressed the identified issues faced by the municipality.

Citylitics played a pivotal role in transforming the Business Consulting firm approach to municipal sales. By providing targeted intelligence, the platform empowered the business development team to approach potential clients with precision and tailor their solutions to meet specific needs. This case illustrates the tangible impact of Citylitics on increasing the sales win rate for consulting firms operating in complex municipal environments. As the Business Consulting firm continues to leverage Citylitics, they are well-positioned to further enhance their success in securing valuable contracts and driving sustained business growth.

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