Account Management & Prioritization

Know Which Customers You Should Be Speaking To, When, and Why

Strategically prioritize account management to protect your customer base and generate new opportunities.

Know Which Customers You Should Be Speaking To, When, and Why

  • Strategically prioritize account management to protect your customer base and generate new opportunities.

Are Gaps In Your Customer Intelligence Limiting Your Business Growth


Missing Opportunities

Without a complete, data-driven pulse on your customers & potential customers, you may be missing out on new opportunities.


Losing Market Share

In a hyper competitive market, your competitors could be winning future business from your customers.


Existing Relationships

Past relationships are no longer a guarantee of future success. Just thinking about the clients who have strong relationships and still miss out.

A Complete Pulse On Your Customers


Opportunity Monitoring Reports

  • Position Account Strategies: Prioritize business development efforts and position solutions to align with your customers’ infrastructure needs, budgets, & plans.
  • Monitor Account Risks: Uncover challenges & issues your customers are facing that you can solve to strengthen your relationship and retain business.
  • Preparing for Customer Meetings: Have more intelligent meetings with customers by extracting the right details at the right time, having a winning account strategy ahead of the meeting.
  • Market Validation: Validate your pipeline with strategic insights on opportunities you’ve heard about through your connections.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships: Have a reason to follow-up with customers, based on recent events and activity on their needs, challenges, and future plans.


Increase In Market Visibility


Increase In Customer Intelligence Accuracy


Reduction in Account Research Time

Develop a complete pulse on your customers and potential customers


“I am very impressed with the Citylitics report. It is very thorough, and I appreciated that you incorporated our feedback very quickly and came back with very actionable data. We reviewed the data with a highly experienced sales person who has been managing this territory for over 2 decades and even he was able to learn new things about his territory from Citylitics’ report. This is great and speaks to the quality of your work.”


Deron Austin, Mueller

Frequently Asked Questions


How Will You Uncover Intelligence I Don’t Already Know?

Sales teams in the infrastructure industry simply don’t have enough hours in the day to track all the relevant activity going on in their assigned customer lists or territories. Even in areas where clients have a long history of relationships, we’ve boosted their actionable intelligence by over 50%.


How Will You Protect My Data?

Customer trust is at the heart of our operations. In order for our customers to receive the best data & intelligence possible, they have to share information on their business strategies and their own customers. We never share any confidential data or criteria and have strict controls, procedures, and systems in place.


How Accurate & Timely Is Your Data?

Our customers tell us that they find out data 96-99% accurate, which is many times more accurate than they are used to seeing with legacy intelligence sources in the industry. Our Data Engine sources directly from the latest public documents that cities & utilities publish, and we have robust QA processes to ensure data accuracy.