Client Spotlight: Pelton Environmental Products

Citylitics talked with John Pelton of Pelton Environmental Products to discuss how they leverage Citylitics’ insights.

Ahmed Badruddin

Ahmed Badruddin

John Pelton is GM at Pelton Environmental Products, a manufacturer’s representative of process, chemical feed, and rotating equipment for the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry. He has a background in mechanical engineering technology from Purdue University and began working for the company in 2008. Initially, he served as a sales engineer with a focus on the central Ohio territory. He held this position until 2017 when he was promoted to the role of General Manager. Pelton Environmental approaches its customers with a consultative sales process that enables the company to understand the specific needs of each application and provide the appropriate solution.

Q: What are the two biggest trends that the water & wastewater market has been facing over the last year?

John: Effects to the supply chain and price escalation brought on by the global pandemic continue to impact us on a daily basis. Additionally, the Build America, Buy America act is forcing many of our partners to re-evaluate how they are sourcing their materials and components to meet the requirements of this new language.

Q: What specific features or aspects of Citylitics did you find most helpful or compelling?

John: Incorporating the source of the information, as well as the contacts, allows us to properly understand the opportunity and where it is in the project cycle.

Q: How has Citylitics helped you or your company achieve your goals or improve your business?

John: The biggest benefit we have received from Citylitics is on a number of occasions, we have been provided with information on an opportunity we were unaware of. This type of information is very valuable to us as it creates new opportunities.

Q: How does Citylitics compare to other solutions you have used in the past? or currently, using alongside?

John: Citylitics is taking a proactive approach to the market. Most other plan rooms and services are reactive and provide information too late in the project cycle to be beneficial to us.

Q: What are you most excited about within the water & wastewater market over the next 2 years?

John: The investment being made in our infrastructure, which is desperately needed, by the IIJA is very exciting as it will provide many communities with the resources they need to make improvements to their facilities which in turn creates opportunities for us. Along with this excitement, comes the challenges of meeting the BABA requirements associated with this funding. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


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