How do you leverage Citylitics to find Municipal broadband leads?

Municipal broadband refers to internet services provided either directly by municipalities or through their partnerships with private entities. Essentially, it’s a publicly owned and operated broadband network. Municipal broadband projects often emerge in areas underserved by traditional ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to ensure residents and businesses have access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet.

Here’s why municipalities might pursue their broadband initiatives:

  1. Access: To bridge the digital divide by providing broadband access to underserved or unserved areas.
  2. Affordability: Publicly operated networks might offer competitive or even reduced rates compared to traditional ISPs.
  3. Local Economic Development: Reliable internet can attract businesses and support local entrepreneurs.
  4. Net Neutrality: Some municipal networks promise adherence to net neutrality principles, ensuring equal treatment of all data.
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Leveraging Citylitics to Find Municipal Broadband Leads:

Citylitics, or a platform with similar capabilities, is tracking public infrastructure developments, then it can be an invaluable tool for identifying municipal broadband leads. Here’s how you might use it:

  1. Monitor Public Data Sources: Citylitics routinely scans various databases, including those where municipalities discuss, plan, or announce broadband projects.
  2. Alerts on Upcoming Projects: Citylitics could send notifications about upcoming municipal broadband projects or discussions.
  3. Analysis of Capital Improvement Plans: Many municipalities release capital improvement plans detailing projects they’ll undertake in upcoming years. Citylitics might analyze these for any broadband infrastructure mentions.
  4. Municipal Meeting Insights: By analyzing minutes from city council or other municipal meetings, Citylitics can provide insights on broadband discussions, potential projects, or community sentiments regarding local internet needs.
  5. Local Budget Analysis: Citylitics might examine local budgets to identify funds allocated for broadband infrastructure or services, hinting at upcoming projects.
  6. Engage Stakeholders Through Citylitics Data: By understanding who in the municipality is spearheading broadband initiatives, companies can engage them directly, offering their services or solutions.
  7. Competitive Landscape Analysis: Citylitics offers insights into which firms are winning bids or getting involved in projects, it can help businesses strategize effectively.

To leverage Citylitics or similar platforms for municipal broadband leads, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the platform’s capabilities and continuously refine your criteria to ensure you’re receiving relevant, actionable insights. 

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