Predictive Sales Intelligence: Selecting Your Ideal Insights & Analytics Partner

Predictive sales intelligence providers vary significantly. Here’s what they do and what sets them apart.

Ahmed Badruddin

Ahmed Badruddin

Predictive Sales Intelligence: Selecting Your Ideal Insights & Analytics PartnerIn the highly competitive world of public infrastructure supply, having the right data and insights can be the difference between winning contracts or losing them. The industry is shifting, and many companies are beginning to realize the immense value of predictive sales intelligence for improving their market position.

So, what kind of company benefits from predictive sales intelligence? Who are the players that serve infrastructure markets? And why should they choose Citylitics, a leading predictive sales intelligence provider?

Who Are the Players?

In terms of predictive sales intelligence, it’s optimal to collaborate with a firm offering a distinct array of solutions, backed by an extensive, rich data repository in the infrastructure sector. Choose a provider that goes beyond supplying raw data, instead offering valuable insights to guide your sales strategy.

1.    RFP/Bid Platforms

These platforms alert and search on published RFP’s that cities, utilities, and public agencies are publishing. This type of platform might be a fit for you if:

  • You have the necessary bandwidth and resources to respond to a large number of RFPs per year
  • You do not need to influence RFPs before they are published.

2.    Contact Lists

These platforms provide contact information on cities, utilities and public agencies. This type of platform might be a fit for you if:

  • You know exactly which cities or utilities to reach out to
  • You have the necessary research bandwidth to vet contacts, identify missing contacts and filter down to more targeted contacts

3.    Meeting Minutes Scanner

These platforms monitor meeting minutes for specific keywords of interest. This type of platform might be a fit for you if:

  • All the key intelligence you need can be found in meeting minutes (you do not require any data from capital plans)
  • You have the necessary dedicated resources to regularly screen keyword results, filter specific opportunities and do further research before it is ready for sales actions

4.    Citylitics

Citylitics is a predictive sales intelligence solution powered by the broadest and deepest data warehouse in Infrastructure industries. This type of platform might be a fit for you if:

  • It is critical to your sales strategy to influence RFPs long before they are drafted
  • You want to build a proactive, rather than reactive sales strategy
  • Your sales team’s bandwidth is crunched, but you need to deliver on strategic growth
  • Your executive team has larger ambitions in building digital and analytics capabilities and may request confidential, custom development projects

What Type of Intelligence is Available?

There are various sources for predictive sales intelligence, ranging from those that require a lot of time for vetting their results to those that are sales and CRM-ready. For maximum effect, select one providing early-stage intelligence if your goal is to influence RFPs even before they’re drafted and you’re looking to establish a proactive sales strategy – ideally one that provides early-stage intelligence, 1 – 5 years before RFP!

How Does Timing Affect the RFP Process?

The worth of intelligence in a project timeline begins before the RFP/Bid process. RFP/Bid platforms and meeting minutes scanners provide insights in the middle and end of an infrastructure project timeline. Early access to project data can confer a substantial advantage.

What are Intelligence Providers Capable of?

Not all intelligence providers offer identical services. Confirm that your chosen provider meets your needs, providing benefits like early-stage sales intelligence (1-5 years before RFP), user-friendliness, customer support, validated and enhanced data, along with custom, confidential analytics.

Next Steps

The choice of a predictive sales intelligence provider can be a game-changer for public infrastructure suppliers. You’re not only choosing a provider, but a partner that will work with you to achieve your strategic goals.

Citylitics is the leading data and insights company that delivers predictive sales intelligence on future infrastructure projects in US and Canada. Request a sample report to see firsthand how our predictive sales intelligence can transform your sales strategy and results.

Want to learn more?  Check out our CEO, Ahmed Badruddin’s, recent webinar.

Choose the right partner. Choose Citylitics. Let’s redefine the future of infrastructure together.


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