City of Urbandale, Iowa

Population (Year): 45923  (2021)

The City of Urbandale faces several infrastructure challenges, including maintaining and improving its roadways and bridges, addressing aging stormwater and wastewater systems, and ensuring a reliable and efficient water supply. The city also needs to invest in its parks and recreational facilities to meet the needs of a growing population. In addition, Urbandale must balance the costs of these infrastructure improvements with its budget constraints, while still meeting the expectations of its residents for high-quality public services.

City of Urbandale

Sample Highlights from the Capital Improvement Plan

Project ID

Project Title

Project Start Year

Project Description

Project Spend Total

Page Ref

Project Satus


Indoor/Outdoor Recreation Mini-plex


Proposed is a multi-phase project to create recreation amenities just south of the City Hall and Library parking lot (old park maintenance facility site.) The plan would be to convert the unused garage bay areas at the facility into usable recreation space. It should be noted that there are specific stipulations on this parcel of land that were part of the original purchase agreement, that requires it be used for recreation purposes.



Not Started


Jackaline Baldwin Dunlap Park and Arboretum


Phase IV of the multi-phased Dunlap Park and Arboretum Master Plan is titled the “Memorial Perennial Garden” and would be located just west of the maintenance building and Patricia Drive entrance. This garden is a main focal point of the park, and proposed in this project is a mixture of annual flowers, perennial plants, paver hardscapes, and sitting benches.



Not Started


Northpark Corridor Park


Proposed is the development of an approximately five-acre park area on land owned by Delta Dental of Iowa, immediately east of the company’s headquarters building located at 8900 Northpark Drive. The City would negotiate a long-term lease for this property and the area would be developed into a park that would be open to the public and focus on serving the daily employee population generally along Northpark Drive and Plum Drive. The project would include an approximately 875 ft. long, 6 ft wide trail which would provide an extended loop that adds to the existing trail within the Delta Dental and Rain and Hail campuses. A four-acre open play field would be graded and seeded at the site to provide recreational opportunities for the community to use on a firstcome/first-served basis. Also included on the site would be a plaza area with an open shelter, tables, and drinking fountain. The plaza would connect to the existing parking lot to provide ADA access. This area could be used for work breaks, after-work recreation, corporate or community events and/or food truck opportunities.



Not Started


Walker Johnston Park: Skateboard Park Improvements


Proposed is an updating and renovation of the Walker Johnston Skateboard Park. When the park was initially constructed in 2004, the City engaged the community and skateboarders of all ages to help design and plan the skate park. It needs repairs and renovation. Proposed with this project would be to hire a consultant and get input from the local skateboard patrons to redesign and update the existing skateboard park. Construction of the new designed facility would be proposed for the following year.



Not Started


Waterford Park – Disk Golf Expansion


Proposed is the installation of an expansion to the existing 13 hole disc golf course at Waterford Park. The project would include adding 5 holes to the parkland north of Waterford Road and expand the disc golf course to a total of 18 holes. The project would include grading and site work, installing disc golf baskets, concrete tee boxes, landscaping, and signage.



Not Started

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  2. The projects ranked in order of preference
  3. The plan for financing the projects
  4. A timetable for the construction or completion of the project
  5. Justification for the project
  6. Explanation of expenses for the project
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