Sample Highlights from the Capital Improvement Plan

Project ID Project Title Project Start Year Project Description Project Spend Total Page Ref Project Satus
626337 Engine 4 2026 "The fire engine is an essential apparatus that is designed for transporting firefighters, water, and equipment for firefighting operations to an emergency scene safely. The unit has a full compliment of advanced life support equipment to stabilize and treat individuals suffering from a medical or trauma event until an ambulance arrives." 1168087 35 Not Started
626404 Island Grove Regional Park 2024 "Island Grove Regional Park is a multi-use events complex owned by the City of Greeley and Weld County located on 165 acres. Many areas have been suggested for art locations in the 2016 Island Grove Regional Park Master Plan. Public Art will be integrated into Island Grove Regional Park to enhance the anticipated renovations of the new Master Plan for the area." 23750 97 Not Started
626408 Re-roofing Building H 2024 "Move ballast and remove current EPDM and replace with new .60mil EPDM and put back the ballast. Replace top cap flashing with new, replace any broken drain covers with new, place new concrete walk pads at all units." 142000 117 Not Started
626410 Fire Station 4 Replace Exterior Windows 2024 "The windows at Fire station 4 have leaked because the locking tabs pop loose and cause the rain to enter the building. The dorm windows are 15 years old and parts are no longer made, the lower level are fixed double pane assembly and some have fogged and are original to the building, 43 years old. There has been some water damage over the years, however repairs have been made. it is possible that mold will be discovered during the project. Abatement costs have been add to the project as well as some framing and drywall repair." 53400 121 Not Started
626416 Centennial Pool Facility and Restroom Renovation and ADA compliancy 2027 "Outside of some fixture replacements, small repairs, and epoxy flooring, this facility has not undergone any updates or renovation since its dedication in 1964. Both restrooms to have a substantial amount of mold removed each year from the brick in the men's showers and throughout the sink areas. Both restrooms are reduced to only male and female restrooms, have limited ADA compliant showers and toilets, no ADA changing area or functional ADA compliant seating, no air circulation system, and no storage or lockers. The men's shower area is gang shower style and women’s showers are limited. The epoxy flooring needs to replaced in both restrooms and main breezeway. The reception desk is not ADA compliant and is limited to one receptionist with very limited access control. The staff area is sufficient in size and storage, however the flooring is currently a painted concrete with no safety texture and can be dangerous when wet. . The concessions area is not ADA compliant and has been very underused by vendors who can only offer prepackaged food and beverage. The main storage area is sufficient in size but has remained relatively unfinished. This area needs air handling as well has cleaning chemicals are often stored in this area. The flat tar and gravel roof has been causing issues for many years with insufficient drainage causing further damage to the soffits and gutters. This design/build project would include the renovation to the main pool facility that include the restrooms, storage area, reception area, staff office/first aid station, and concession area." 1314000 133 Not Started

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How to Read a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for Business Development?

When a city, municipality or state issues a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP),  it can be overwhelming and daunting, but there are a few key things you need to investigate. Let’s start with the definition of CIP - A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) contains all the individual capital projects, equipment purchases, and major studies for a local government; in conjunction with construction and completion schedules, and in consort with financing plans. The plan provides a working blueprint for sustaining and improving the community’s infrastructures. It coordinates strategic planning, financial capacity, and physical development. A CIP stands at the epicenter of a government’s Planning, Public Works, and Finance departments. When a CIP is issued, it typically includes the following information:

  1. A listing of the capital projects or equipment to be purchased
  2. The projects ranked in order of preference
  3. The plan for financing the projects
  4. A timetable for the construction or completion of the project
  5. Justification for the project
  6. Explanation of expenses for the project
Now, for business development, while the capital plan is interesting, the capital program is for capital expenditures that extends five to ten years beyond the capital budget.  Knowing the difference is important so you can influence upcoming program versus just responding to an RFP. If reading the CIP makes your head explode, or you want to save time, Request a Demo of Citylitics CIP dashboard with over 20,000 CIPs from USA and Canada. Citylitics has 20,000 plus available CIPs, how can we help you? What states, cities or counties are you looking to improvement your business development, we can assist you in influencing an upcoming RFP versus simply responding to an RFP. Citylitics Capital Projects Dataset is a comprehensive resource for businesses and organizations looking to track and analyze planned infrastructure spend in their area. The dataset offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  1. Comprehensive Market View: The dataset provides a single view of all planned infrastructure spend, with powerful filters such as population, project value, fiscal year, project status, project description, geography, and more. This allows businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market and identify new opportunities.
  2. Identify Opportunity Hot Spots: The dataset offers map views and filters that allow users to identify opportunity hot spots where they need to allocate resources. This helps businesses to understand where they should focus their efforts to achieve the best results.
  3. Create Data-Driven Forecasts: The dataset provides bottom-up data for the next 5 years of planned infrastructure spend, allowing businesses to create data-driven forecasts they can be confident in.
  4. Uncover True Market Needs: The dataset allows businesses to develop long-term business plans, R&D, and growth initiatives based on true, bottom-up market needs instead of opinions and anecdotes. This helps businesses to make more informed decisions and achieve better results.
With Citylitics Capital Projects Dataset, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of planned infrastructure spend in their area, which can help them to identify new opportunities and make more informed decisions.