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Revenue Potential from Citylitics Sales Intelligence Platform

ROI Risk #1: Not dedicating enough sales or business development bandwidth

Risk Mitigation

  • Assign dedicated bandwidth. For example, a team of 4 business development professionals designate 10% of their monthly bandwidth to focus on early-stage sales endeavors and influencing future project Requests for Proposals (RFPs). This way you can start achieving your ROI goals without adding headcount, and better optimize your sales team’s bandwidth to focus on immediate opportunities & long term opportunities.
  • Assign dedicated personnel. Appoint a dedicated individual responsible for reviewing Citylitics insights on a weekly basis. This individual can triage, qualify, and then relay pertinent information to the relevant sales or business development manager, and interface with your Citylitics Customer Success Manager to ensure you have the support in place to maximize ROI

ROI Risk #2: Not knowing how to turn Citylitics insights into sales pipeline growth

Risk Mitigation

  • Define Your Outreach Message: To effectively penetrate the challenging market of cities and utilities, it’s essential to stand out amidst the inundation of untargeted solicitations from vendors and service providers. Set yourself apart by prioritizing the right type of projects, discerned through insights gleaned from Citylitics. Once identified, craft an engaging and compelling outreach strategy that highlights how your expertise or product will enhance the city’s operations. Include concrete examples of relevant projects you’ve successfully executed in the past, demonstrating your capability to deliver value and address their specific needs. This tailored approach not only captures attention but also establishes credibility, laying a solid foundation for a strong partnership.
  • Define your Outreach Outcome: Influencing future Requests for Proposals (RFPs) within city and utility sectors entails lengthy sales cycles. To optimize engagement in early stages, define your approach: will it be a Lunch & Learn, an onsite expertise showcase, or meetings with On-Call engineering firms to ensure inclusion in future RFPs? Collaborate with your Citylitics customer success manager to track outcomes on the platform or CRM for maximum value.

ROI Risk #3: Not integrating Citylitics insights into your Sales Process

Risk Mitigation

  • CRM Connection: Easily integrate Citylitics insights into your CRM with a simple click! This seamless process empowers you to monitor ROI and efficiently manage opportunities unearthed and developed from Citylitics. Collaborate with your Citylitics Customer Success Manager to establish a CRM connection, requiring just a one-time Data-Mapping exercise.
  • CRM Workflow: Determine when you want early-stage sales activity to appear in your CRM. Decide whether you want all new insights from Citylitics to go to CRM immediately, or only after a meeting and need are established with a city, or perhaps when an opportunity reaches the quoting stage. Ensure clarity in your workflow so Citylitics can optimally support your sales team.

The following revenue potential from Citylitics Sales Intelligence Platform is based on the information provided below.