Accelerate Your Strategic Initiatives

Power your strategic marketing campaigns & initiatives with accurate, targeted datasets.


Are Gaps In Your Customer Intelligence Limiting Your Business Growth


Difficulty Identifying Total Addressable Market

In a fragmented market of 30,000+ cities, towns, and utilities, generating qualified leads is costly and challenging.

Unable to Prove Marketing ROI for Lead Generation Activities

Without the right tools and datasets, it’s a challenge to deliver on lead gen marketing ROI.

Wasting Budget on Ineffective Campaigns

Your marketing campaigns are only as good as your data. Ineffective campaigns that use outdated, off the shelf datasets are a throwaway for your marketing budget.

Accurate and Targeted Custom Datasets to Accelerate Your Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

Campaign Dataset

  • Target Your Marketing Efforts: Shortlist high potential customers for strategic marketing campaigns based on data from 30k cities, utilities, and public entities.
  • Bottom-Up Total Addressable Market: Use data to figure out exactly how many cities & utilities are out there that match your specific targeting criteria.
  • Accurate Contact Information: Get the most relevant and accurate contact information to maximize results from your marketing efforts.
  • Uncover True Market Needs: Accelerate your strategic initiatives based on true, bottom-up market needs instead of opinions and anecdotes.


Increase in Campaign Success Rates


Increase in Customer Data Accuracy


Accuracy in Contacts Data

Take Your Campaigns To The Next Level With Targeted Datasets

“Previously, my only option was to purchase lists produced by third parties. In the past, those have had error rates of 60% and have had limited data related to contact titles, email addresses, and phone numbers. The data generated from Citylitics is, on average, 97% accurate.”

Mike Stadnyckyj, Echologics

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give the same data to my competitors?

Absolutely not. We work with each of our clients to develop custom search strategies to find results that are in line with your ideal client profile, your solutions, and unique differentiators.

How accurate is your data?

According to our clients they consistently see data accuracy rates of 95-99% from Citylitics, which in their own words, is above and beyond what they have seen from other solutions.

How do I action the data and demonstrate ROI?

Citylitics’ team of experts can help you scope your data projects and develop a winning Action Plan. We have aggregated learnings from the most progressive teams in the infrastructure industry to help our customers maximize ROI on their strategic marketing spend.