Accelerate Lead Generation in the Industrial Marketplace

Find Industrial Plants With Chronic Compliance Issues That You Can Solve.


Is A Generic Approach to Lead Generation Limiting Your Business Growth?

Low Lead Generation ROI

In a fragmented market of hundreds of thousands of potential industrial customers, generating qualified opportunities is costly and challenging.


Unclear Total Addressable Market

Without the right data, it’s impossible to know exactly how many industrial facilities match your specific criteria.

Wasting Budget on Ineffective Campaigns

Your sales campaigns are only as good as your data. Ineffective campaigns that use outdated, off the shelf datasets waste both time and budget.

Shortlist Industrial Facilities Based On Their Specific Compliance Challenges

Environmental Monitoring Dashboard

  • Target Your Lead Generation Efforts: Shortlist high potential industrial customers for strategic sales campaigns based on industry, region, compliance data, enforcement actions, and environmental discharge data.
  • Bottom-Up Total Addressable Market: Understand exactly how many industrial plants are out there that match your specific targeting criteria.
  • Identify Opportunity Hot Spots: Use map views and filters to identify opportunity hot spots where you need to allocate resources.
  • Accurate Contact Information: Get the most relevant and accurate contact information to maximize results from your strategic marketing efforts.
  • Uncover True Market Needs: Accelerate your strategic initiatives based on true, bottom-up market needs instead of opinions and anecdotes.


Increase in Campaign Success Rates


Increase In Customer Intelligence Accuracy


Accuracy in Contacts Data

Realize Business Priorities with Precise Market Insights

“Collaborating with Citylitics has been a valuable business benefit for Kemira as the proven lead generation has provided deep insight into the market. This is no cookie-cutter solution and the customization of the metric targets has had a positive impact on our pipeline. We’ve had over 75% new insights on our primary indicators and over 60% in actionable to highly actionable insights. It’s been a pleasure working with the innovative team. We are looking forward to Citylitics’ continued success in their growth and added value”

Tafadzwa “Tee” Mariga, Kemira

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give the same data to my competitors?

Absolutely not. We work with each of our clients to develop custom search strategies to find results that are in line with your ideal client profile and the solutions you offer.

How accurate is your data?

According to our clients they consistently see data accuracy rates of 95-99% from Citylitics, which in their own words, is above and beyond what they have seen from other solutions.

How do I action the data and demonstrate ROI?

Citylitics’ team of experts can help you scope your data projects and develop a winning Action Plan. We have aggregated learnings from the most progressive teams in the infrastructure industry to help our customers maximize ROI on their strategic marketing spend.