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The most comprehensive and accurate data to support multi-million dollar business development growth decisions.


Are You Still Making Business Decisions Based on Anecdotes, Opinions, & Gut Feelings?

Sales Team Stretched Thin

A spray & pray approach to business development in this fragmented industry leads to disappointing results.

Missing Sales Forecast

Forecasts based on best guesses and subjectivity lead to unexpected misses of booking targets you promised to executives.

Disconnected From True Market Needs

Relying on market assumptions from 10 years ago won’t set your company up for future success.

The Deepest Data On Local Infrastructure Spend Aggregated from 30k Cities, Utilities, and Public Entities

Capital Projects Dashboard

  • Comprehensive Market View: All planned infrastructure spend in one single view with powerful filters such as: population, project value, fiscal year, project status, project description, geography, and more.
  • Identify Opportunity Hot Spots:Use map views and filters to identify opportunity hot spots where you need to allocate resources.
  • Create Data-Driven Forecasts:Create data-driven forecasts you can be confident in with bottom-up data for the next 5 years of planned infrastructure spend.
  • Uncover True Market Needs: Develop long term business plans, R&D, and growth initiatives based on true, bottom-up market needs instead of opinions and anecdotes.


Increase In Market Visibility


Increase in Sales Operational Efficiencies


Reduction In Data Collection Costs

Start Your Data Journey Today

“The best time to engage with a community is when they’re first discussing how to get a sewer system and Citylitics’ early stage intelligence gives us the ability to do just that.”

Mike Saunders, Orenco

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Get ROI From My Investment In Data?

After years of working with customers across the infrastructure business, we understand what it takes to not only deliver great data, but the support you need to incorporate data into your workflows, and getting your team onboard and excited about our data. We have a proven customer onboarding process to align your key stakeholders and users for you to get value from data.

How Will You Protect My Data?

Customer trust is at the heart of our operations. In order for our customers to get the best data & intelligence possible, they have to share information on their business strategies and their own customers. We never share any confidential data or criteria and have strict controls, procedures, and systems to ensure there is never a breach.

How Accurate & Timely Is Your Data?

Our customers tell us that they find out data 96-99% accurate, which is many times more accurate than they are used to seeing with legacy intelligence sources in the industry. Our software systems source the data directly from the latest public documents that cities & utilities publish, and we have robust QA processes to ensure data accuracy.