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Help us to create a world where data drives trillions of dollars in societal infrastructure investment to the most ideal social, economic, and environmental outcomes.

Why Join The Citylitics Team?

Everyone relies on infrastructure and we must do better to meet the challenges of this century – Citylitics provides the vital predictive analytics and insights needed to make this a reality.

At Citylitics, we are a passionate and diverse group focused on modernizing the infrastructure industry. As a team, we believe the industry can grow stronger through transparency, action-ready research, and a shift towards data-driven decision-making.

By delivering predictive data and intelligence, we are transforming how infrastructure investments are made and – for the first time – enabling us to address infrastructure needs before they become a crisis. We are at the forefront of impacting and directing the upcoming trillions of dollars necessary public investments ranging from water, energy, public transit, healthcare, education, roads & highways, and more. Our cutting-edge Data & Search technologies aggregate, normalize, and analyze massive, unstructured datasets at scale, putting us at the forefront of impacting and directing trillions of dollars of necessary public investments.

Do you want to solve problems across water, energy, public transit, healthcare, education, roads & highways? Do you want to work with cutting edge technology, and work with industry experts on building products with a social impact?


Working at Citylitics


Ownership Mindset

At Citylitics, we think and act like owners, taking pride in our work because we are on a mission to contribute better social, economic, and environmental outcomes.


Raise the Bar

We take on big, global challenges. From interns to team leaders, everyone creates an impact. No bench players on this team.


Flex Time, All The Time

We believed in flexible hours and work from home days before it became the norm. We encourage a flow that works best for you.


Benefits And Perks

Our benefits cover everything from your trip to the dentist to transit passes. We offer online learning, the right hardware to succeed, and time to hang out via yoga, donut chats, Gather, and more!

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Valuable Intelligence with

Measurable Impact


Increase in Sales Pipeline Conversions


Focus sales efforts on your ideal prospects

Increase Conversions


Increase in Market Visibility


Eliminate market blindspots that lead to missed opportunities

Increase Visibility


Reduction in Sales Cycle Timeline


Build relationships faster with actionable insights

Reduce Sales Cycle


Increase in Customer Intelligence Accuracy


Launch more effective campaigns with accurate data

Increase Data Accuracy

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Have Questions? We're Here to Help


Do you give the same data to my competitors?

  • The short answer is no. We work with each of our clients to develop custom search strategies to find results that are in line with your ideal client profile and the solutions you offer.


How do you ensure that the insights delivered are the best for our company?

  • We have in house Intelligence Analysts who vet the data to ensure that it is both timely and appropriate for your team.  All of our Analysts have a background in infrastructure industries, and understand the context of what you are looking for.


How is Citylitics different from RFP or Bid Lists?

  • Once an RFP has been posted, the opportunity to influence a utility has already past. Citylitics focuses on early indicators well ahead of an RFP being listed. Additionally, Citylitics provides a human component to vet the data ahead of it being delivered, saving your team countless hours of doing their own searching.