How Citylitics can significantly boost your public sector business development efforts

Citylitics is a data analytics platform specifically designed to provide insights into the infrastructure spending plans of governments and municipalities. It gathers and organizes information on planned projects (roads, buildings, utilities, etc.), budgets, timelines, and relevant decision-makers within cities across North America.

Key Ways Citylitics Helps Public Sector Business Development

Early Stage Project Awareness:

  • Get an inside look at projects well before the RFP (Request for Proposal) stage. This gives you ample time to build relationships, tailor your solutions, and position yourself as a preferred vendor.
  • Access to budget details helps you identify the most lucrative opportunities worth pursuing.

Targeting and Prioritization:

  • Refine your search parameters to focus on specific geographic regions, project types, values, and timelines that align with your company’s expertise.
  • Strategically allocate your business development resources to areas or projects with the greatest potential for success.

Understanding Municipal Priorities:

  • Dive into Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs) and other budget documents to discern the priorities and evolving needs of municipalities.
  • This knowledge lets you demonstrate how your products or services specifically address the challenges and goals of your target clients.

Relationship Building:

  • Find contact information for key decision-makers within municipal departments.
  • Having project intelligence empowers you with informed conversation starters and relevant solutions, helping to develop trust and establish rapport quickly.

Competitor Analysis:

  • See which companies are bidding on similar projects, allowing you to refine your proposals and emphasize your unique selling points.

Examples of Use Cases

Construction Companies: Discover planned road rehabilitation projects matching your expertise, and connect with the appropriate department heads far in advance of the bid release.

Engineering Consulting Firms: Identify cities planning to upgrade water treatment facilities and demonstrate your experience in this domain for a competitive edge.

Technology Providers: Uncover digitization and smart-city initiatives planned by municipalities, so you can offer tailored solutions.

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