About Citylitics

About Us

Citylitics brings the Information Edge to Infrastructure Industry Leaders

This is Our Vision

The U.S. needs to invest $4.5 Trillion over the next 5 years to upgrade its infrastructure, including water, energy, public transportation, roads, airports, and more.

Citylitics is the only source of predictive intelligence on where, how, and why these infrastructure investments will be made. Our data engine transforms over a billion documents buried in 31,000+ cities & utilities data sources into high value intelligence for targeted business development. The largest infrastructure industry leaders rely on Citylitics for external datasets and intelligence reports that are delivered through a combination of AI technology and Data experts.

Citylitics’ vision is a world where data drives trillions of dollars of societal infrastructure investment towards the most ideal social, economic, and environmental outcomes.


“You’re able to not only start and lead your own projects, but you manage these projects end-to-end and you can see where you are making a difference. You are are able to dip your toes into different roles, and there are always team members eager to contribute to your projects when they see the impact the project is making to the team”


Alexa  Macdonald, Customer Success Manager at Citylitics